Dra. Annalene Rahbari

  • Speciality: Aesthetric medicine
  • Experience: 9 years.

    Especialista en mesoterapia y tratamientos con botox.
  • Contact:

She began her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna (Austria) but as she moved to Spain, she finished her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Medical University of Málaga in 2005. She was introduced into the world of aesthetic medicine when she started working in Corporación Dermoestética where she had the opportunity to enter the essential techniques. She improved her knowledge with a Master of Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Cordoba in 2009. She is a member of the Association of Aesthetic Physicians Málaga (MEDESMA). And still continuing education courses by the newest and most innovative techniques:

• Teosal Workshop: Redensity Injections in treating dark circles.

• Course in Aesthetic Medicine Phlebology organized by MEDESMA

• Advanced Course on use of botulinum toxin for facial rejuvenation, combined with hyaluronic acid implants.

“Our treatments will make you look and feel much better.”

Aesthetic services

Services Price
Pack “brighten your look” (crow’s feet) 250 €
· Mesotherapy treatment, botulinic toxin and peeling
Pack “hydrated skin” 400 €
· 3 Mesotherapy treatments and peeling
Pack “Without worries” (space between the eyebrows) 250 €
· Treatment with Hialuronic Acid, botulinic toxin and peeling
Pack “sensual lips” 250 €
· Treatment with Hialuronic acid and peeling

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