Adrienn Eva Hajnal

  • Speciality: Dermatologist
  • Experience: 9 years

    Skin cancer specialist and Aesthetic dermatology

Dr. Adrienn Eva Hajnal obtained her medicine degree in 2002 and has been trained in both medical and surgery dermatology as well as in STD (sexually transmitted diseases) in different european countries.

She has worked as dermatologist in hospitals in United Kingdom, Hungary and Spain, and she continues to attend all type of seminars and conferences to be completely updated in her area of expertise.

“Skin cancer has increased worldwide exponentially. That’s why an annual check-up is a must.”

Services and prices

Service Price
Consultation 60 €
Revision 40 €
Biopsy without analysis 50 €
Pathological analysis of biopsy 90 €
Curettage with electric scalpel 50 €

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