Raúl Lorente

  • Speciality: Physiotherapist
  • Experience: 1 year

    Specialist in fonctional recovery and neurological physiotherapy

Raúl obtained his Phisiotherapy at the Univeristy of Almería. He specialised in fonctional recovery and neurological physiotherapy

He has continued his training in Myofascial Therapy (also known as myofascial trigger point therapy) He treats chronic muscle pain through manipulation of so called  trigger points (certain areas where pain is worse), including “dry needling” techniques. Another area of expertise of Raul’s is neuromuscular bandaging.

“We work trying to improve life quality for our patients”

Services and prices

Service Price
Combined individual Physiotherapy session 1hour 30 €
Combined individual Physiotherapy session 1/2 hour 15 €
Personalised treatment pass for 5 sessions 120 €
Phyisiopilates individual sessions 1hour 30 €
Physiopilates sessions for 2 people 1hour 20 €
Physiopilates sessions for 3 people 1hour 15 €
Pelvic floor physiotherapy session 1 hour 40 €
Physiotherapy home sessions (valued depending on distance)

Pilates during pregnancy

Service Price
Individual classes
1 Session 30 €
5 Sessions Pass 125 €
1 Session for 2 20 €
1 Session for 3 15 €
5 Sessions pass 70 €

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