Verónica Muñoz Romero

  • Speciality: Osteopath
  • Experience: 7 years.

    Specialist in paediatric physiotherapy and general osteopathy
  • Contact:

Veronica obtained her degree in Malaga University 2009.  She is also a licensed Osteopath by the Official Madrid University.

Veronica has been working for 6 years as a paediatric physiotherapist and she is as well an expert in neurodevelopment disorders.

Her specially designed work system includes:

– Manual techniques such as: osteopathy, fascia handling, lymphatic drainage


– Invasive therapy techniques such as: dry puncturing, EPTE  (Intratisular skin electrolysis.

Along her professional practice she has treated all kind of locomotor system pathologies, such as: all types of tendinitis, vertebral discs prolapses, ATM disfunctions, cluster headaches, baby colics,…

“Well being requires a balanced system, we help you to recover the lost balance”

Services and prices

Service Price
Combined individual Physiotherapy session 1hour 30 €
Combined individual Physiotherapy session 1/2 hour 15 €
Personalised treatment pass for 5 sessions 120 €
Phyisiopilates individual sessions 1hour 30 €
Physiopilates sessions for 2 people 1hour 20 €
Physiopilates sessions for 3 people 1hour 15 €
Pelvic floor physiotherapy session 1 hour 40 €
Physiotherapy home sessions (valued depending on distance)

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