Medical Staff

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  • Dra. Adrienn Eva Hajnal

    Dermatology Experience Years: 9 años.

    Especialista en cáncer de piel y dermatología estética.years
    Licenciada en medicina en Septiembre de 2002 se formó como especialista en Dermatología Médico-Quirúrgica y Venereología en distintos países, habiendo trabajado en los departamentos de dermatología en hospitales de Reino Unido ( Northampton General Hospital), Hungría (Hospital de la Universidad de Debrecen) y España (Hospital Sagrado corazón, Barcelona) "Skin cancer has increased worldwide exponentially. That's Read More
  • Noemí Fernández González

    Nutrition and Dietetics Experience Years: 9 years

    Specialist on diabetic foot and foot biomechanicsyears
    Specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics Academic background: Noemí Fernández is a degree qualified professional dietician. She has lots of experience in: - Making personally tailored diets - Measuring body composition in all nutrition aspects. - No use of medication or supplements, only normal food. - Continuously advancing in her knowledge about nutrition and different professional Read More
  • María Jesús Castillo López

    SPEECH THERAPY Experience Years: 6 years

    Specialist on diabetic foot and foot biomechanicsyears
    Academic background: Specialist in Orofacial and Myofunctional Therapy and vocal pathology. Graduated in Speech Therapy. Expert in Orofacial and Myofunctional Therapy by UPSA. (Salamanca University). Expert in Vocal pathologies by the UAH (University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid). Master in Health Sciences research by the University of Malaga. Professional experience: Speech Pathologist at the Early Childhood Care Center Read More
  • Rocío Oliver Aguilar

    Chiropodist Experience Years: 5 years

    Specialist on diabetic foot and foot biomechanicsyears
    Specialist in biomechanical podiatry and clinical podiatry. Academic background: Graduated in Podiatry by the University of Malaga 4 years of Biology studies. Specialist courses at the Professional College of Podiatrists of Andalusia. Her knowledge of the foot biomechanics and her years of practice using all type of techniques of physical therapy applied to the different Read More
  • Victoria Rincón Escalante

    Psychologist Experience Years: 3 years

    Specialised on specific programs for treatment of vascular dementia on patients and psychological support and advice to relatives.years
    Victoria obtained her Psychology degree at the UCJC University in Madrid and has as well a Master on neuropsychological evaluation and treatment. Specialised on specific programs for treatment of vascular dementia on patients and psychological support and advice to relatives. She also is specialised in giving support and reinforcement to children unmotivated who have learning Read More
  • Raúl Lorente

    Physiotherapist Experience Years: 1 year

    Specialist in fonctional recovery and neurological physiotherapyyears
    Raúl obtained his Phisiotherapy at the Univeristy of Almería. He specialised in fonctional recovery and neurological physiotherapy He has continued his training in Myofascial Therapy (also known as myofascial trigger point therapy) He treats chronic muscle pain through manipulation of so called  trigger points (certain areas where pain is worse), including "dry needling" techniques. Another area of Read More
  • Adrienn Eva Hajnal

    Dermatologist Experience Years: 9 years

    Skin cancer specialist and Aesthetic dermatologyyears
    Dr. Adrienn Eva Hajnal obtained her medicine degree in 2002 and has been trained in both medical and surgery dermatology as well as in STD (sexually transmitted diseases) in different european countries. She has worked as dermatologist in hospitals in United Kingdom, Hungary and Spain, and she continues to attend all type of seminars and Read More
  • Dra. Annalene Rahbari

    Dra. Annalene Rahbari

    Aesthetric medicine Experience Years: 9 years.

    Especialista en mesoterapia y tratamientos con botox.years
    She began her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna (Austria) but as she moved to Spain, she finished her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Medical University of Málaga in 2005. She was introduced into the world of aesthetic medicine when she started working in Corporación Dermoestética where she had the opportunity to Read More
  • Verónica Muñoz Romero

    Osteopath Experience Years: 7 years.

    Specialist in paediatric physiotherapy and general osteopathyyears
    Veronica obtained her degree in Malaga University 2009.  She is also a licensed Osteopath by the Official Madrid University. Veronica has been working for 6 years as a paediatric physiotherapist and she is as well an expert in neurodevelopment disorders. Her specially designed work system includes: - Manual techniques such as: osteopathy, fascia handling, lymphatic Read More
  • Dra. Luna Campos Troyano

    Dr. Luna Campos Troyano

    Gynaecologyst Experience Years: 6 years

    4D sonogram specialist and pelvic floor specialist.years
    Bachelor of medicine and surgery, specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology by the University of Malaga, has been part of numerous lectures in her researcher quality at the Andalucia Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Her continued efforts to complement her training have not ceased since she graduated, but always focusing on what really matters most: providing the Read More