Rocío Oliver Aguilar

  • Speciality: Chiropodist
  • Experience: 5 years

    Specialist on diabetic foot and foot biomechanics

Specialist in biomechanical podiatry and clinical podiatry.

Academic background:

Graduated in Podiatry by the University of Malaga

4 years of Biology studies.

Specialist courses at the Professional College of Podiatrists of Andalusia.

Her knowledge of the foot biomechanics and her years of practice using all type of techniques of physical therapy applied to the different pathologies of the foot, make her the best election when having a foot problem.

“Healthy feet are a plus. Let us help you shape them to their best”


Services and prices

Service Price
Quiropody 25 €
Ingrowing nail 25 €
Cure (papilloma, ulcer…) 18 €
Orthopedic silicon brace (to be valued depending pieces & size) 15 - 20 €
Complete biomechanical examination 60 €

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